At 24/7 Asset Spares we offer a vast range of services to suit our clients needs from various Industries such as FMCG factories, Office blocks, data centres, pharma & the oil industry no matter the size of your organisation or your industry 24/7 Asset Spares Ltd. are on hand to offer you the support or service you require.

Some of the services we currently offer are listed below and can be tailored to suit your needs as 'off the shelf' packages do not compensate for your business needs. If you cannot find the service you require please contact us to discuss your needs.

Part sourcing

Repairs - As well as carrying out repairs in house in our workshops we have a network of reputable repair centers on happy to assist us 24hrs a day 365 a year!

  • Motor re-winds

  • Switch gear

  • Pumps

  • Gearboxes

  • Controls equipment

  • PLC’s

  • Drives

Condition based maintenance - Identify potential breakdowns before they happen so that a repair can be planned effectively to minimize disruption or downtime.

  • Thermography

  • Vibration Analysis

  • Oil Sampling

Training - The best tool an employer has is a well-equipped and trained task force providing your employees with the relevant training needed to fulfill their role not only ensures your business runs more efficiently it lifts your employees engagement in turn showing a strong drive for results from your teams.

  • Three phase theory for domestic installers

  • Controls & automation

  • Maintenance strategies

  • RCA


  • Mechanical principles

Planned maintenance - Planned maintenance is key to preventing unplanned losses, like a car it is crucial to maintain the vehicle to ensure it runs as efficiently and safely as possible with minimal disruption and losses.

  • Lubrication PM’s

  • Mechanical inspection PM’s

  • Emergency light testing

  • Portable appliance testing

  • Safety PM’s

Consultancy - We cannot all be experts in everything we encounter whilst working our day to day jobs and we all come across ‘grey areas’ where we are not entirely sure on the next best step. At 24/7 Asset Spares we have a vast wealth of experience in house as well as a network of equipment manufacturers, suppliers and field engineers with experience from legacy equipment to modern day state of the art equipment and industry standard ways of working.

  • Obsolescence planning/support

  • Commissioning of production equipment