It's bad enough having production down due to a breakdown or failure and the costs involved can be astounding, what's worse is not having a spare part to hand to resolve the issue and have the plant back up and running. We understand it is hard to run a 24 hour or out of hour production facility and have to live with the frustration of not being able to obtain spares outside of normal working hours. It's too late to start asking the question's why don't we have a spare or why did we not predict this when the failure has already happened and more often than not you will suffer with the added frustration of finding that not everyone else operates on a 24 hour basis then your having to leave production down until a supplier or manufacturers offices are open.


At 24/7 Asset spares we have a network of equipment reseller's and manufacturers on our books that will work on a 24hr basis. So for just a phone call and some simple questions why not get in contact with us and we can do the leg work for you to try and obtain a spare part.

We also work with our clients to do what we call 'asset share' we may not be able to source the part from a re-seller or equipment manufacturer however we may have a customer who has the same part in their stores inventory and we can make the call and obtain the part for you. We will obtain the part and have it couriered to you at the earliest convenience ready for production to continue.

We  can also work with you to look at your critical spares and look at where else we could source a part that could potentially fail in future and you have nil stock on site.

If your having repeated failures of an asset and cannot establish why then you can contact us for support and we can look into this and find out why. It may be a case of the wrong piece of equipment for the application, human error, poor or over maintaining an asset or environmental conditions could be the culprit.